The viewer enters Binocular Rivalry through Parallax Barrier, an immersive light environment in which a single video slices through a three-dimensional grid of hanging fabric. Stepping inside the installation, the work appears to be an abstract three-dimensional structure. Each image is extruded into space, distorting, converging, and overlaying onto itself in a shimmering matrix of movement and color. As the pieces of fabric are arranged in regular intervals of depth, any change in perspective induces a fluid parallax effect. Pieces further away seem to move slower than those close to the viewer, creating a cone of pulsating light that appears to shift and follow viewers as they navigate the work. Moving towards the projector, landscapes, city vistas, and grids begin to resolve and collapse into two dimensional space, vividly intersecting and overlapping onto each other through rapid editing. By positioning their body in and around the installation, viewers can intuitively explore a gradient of possible visual experiences.

1-Channel Video, 3D Optical Array (Tulle), 8m Loop

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